API Versions and Lifecycle

To enable users to build reliable tools on top of the deSEC API, we maintain stable versions of the API for extended periods of time.

Each API version will advance through the API version lifecycle, starting from unstable and proceeding to stable, deprecated, and, finally, to historical.

Check out the current status of the API versions to make sure you are using the latest stable API whenever using our service in production.

Unstable API versions are currently under development and may change without prior notice, but we promise to keep an eye on users affected by incompatible changes.

For all stable API versions, we guarantee that

  1. it will be maintained at least until the end of the given support period,

  2. there will be no incompatible changes made to the interface, unless security vulnerabilities make such changes inevitable,

  3. users will be warned before the end of the support period.

Deprecated API versions are going to be disabled in the future. Users will be notified via email and are encouraged to migrate to the next stable version as soon as possible. For this purpose, a migration advisory will be provided. After the support period is over, deprecated API versions may be disabled without further warning and transition to historical state.

Historical API versions are permanently disabled and cannot be used.