Welcome to the deSEC DNS API

The deSEC DNS API is a REST interface that allows easy management of DNS information. The interface design aims for simplicity so that tasks such as creating domains and manipulating DNS records can be handled with ease and in an intuitive fashion.

Server-side operations, such as creation of domains or DNS records, generally expect JSON-formatted user input in the body of the POST, PATCH, or PUT request (see below). Unless otherwise documented, requests are expected to come with a Content-Type: application/json header field and to be sent via HTTPS using state-of-the-art encryption. (Outdated setups, e.g. TLS < 1.2, are not supported.)

API functionality is demonstrated using the command line tool curl. To pretty-print JSON output, process the data through jq: curl ... | jq ..

Windows users: We are told that the curl commands in this documentation sometimes do not work. In this case, try moving the request payload in front of the curl call, like this:

echo {"name": "example.com"} | curl -X POST https://desec.io/api/v1/domains/ --header "Authorization: Token {secret}" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data @-

Getting Help

If you need help beyond this documentation, please do not hesitate and shoot us an email at support@desec.io.

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