Rate Limits

The API implements rate limits to prevent brute force attacks on passwords, to ensure that the system load remains manageable, to avoid update rejections due to concurrent DNS updates on the same domain etc.

Rate limits apply per account. The following table summarizes the rate limits pertaining to various parts of the API. When several rates are given, all are enforced at the same time. For throttled requests, the server will respond with 429 Too Many Requests.

Rate limit name Rate Affected operations
account_management_active 3/min Account activities with external effects (e.g. sending email)
account_management_passive 10/min Account activities with internal effects (e.g. viewing account details, creating a token)
dyndns 1/min dynDNS updates



DNS read operations (e.g. fetching an RRset)




DNS write operations (e.g. create a domain, change an RRset)
user 1000/day Any activity of a) authenticated users, b) unauthenticated users (by IP)